Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to create a WordPress Blog

WordPress is the best and most popular as well as the vastly used web hosting platform in the internet world. Like I mentioned before, one does not have to be a geek, Graphic or Website Designer, be technical or computer literate to create a professional looking website or blog. Nowadays we have self hosted CMS platform called WordPress to be grateful for. You don’t need to know stuff like HTML etc. WordPress makes everything easy for you. They have automatic software which with only 1 click you are all set. All you need is to customize it according to your needs and preference once you get the hang of WordPress.

The Difference between WordpPress.com and WordPress.org

There is a vast difference between the 2 popular platforms WordPress.org and WordPress.com.  It is advisable to only use the WordPress.com when you are a beginner and still learning and of course when you have not so heavy traffic as well as you only own 1 site or blog. As soon as your business grows and you decide to create more than 1 site or blog, feel free to upgrade to a more flexible and customizable WordPress.org.


1.      It is a hosted platform. You will not own the website or blog.
2.      It is free to use and sign up.
3.      It is neither customable nor flexible.


1.      It is a self-hosted platform.
2.      WordPress.org is not free at all. You will have to buy a domain name and space at web hosts websites such as BlueHost, HostGator and GoDaddy.
3.    It comes with an amazing selection of plug-ins that you can use, enjoy and you have freedom of adding features that you love on your blog or website. This will give you a chance to design and create a website of your passion.

Of course if you choose www.WordPress.org as a self-host, then you can register your domain at GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost or other sites of your choice. They all support WordPress as it is the mostly used, powerful and popular platform. My preference is BlueHost as it is cheap, reliable and has good customer support. Most web hosting companies such as GreenGeeks,HostGator and BlueHost  already have built in WordPress installers. Setting up your WordPress will not even take you more than 5 minutes.

Register a Domain Name

It is important that your domain name should be very relevant with your website content. Make certain that your domain name is easy to remember and simple to read. A .com is better than a .net, .org, etc. as it is very popular. Everyone who surfs the net for a particular website will automatically think of a .com instead of a .net or .org. For example, if you are going to build a cooking website or blog, you could pick a domain name like this: “howtocook.com”. GoDaddy.com, HostGator.com and BlueHost.com all can host your blog and register your site.


1.      Navigate to www.Google.com.
2.       Register with www.WordPress.org.
3.      Give wordPress a few needed details.
4.       Open your (HostGator,BlueHost,GoDaddy,GreenGeeks)hosting account.
5.      Select auto install, follow the procedure.
6.       Give it a few minutes and your installation will be successful and you will have full control over your website or blog.
           Sign up at www.BlueHost.com,www.GoDaddy.com or www.HostGator.com. They charge between $5.00and $12.00. HostGator charges $6.99 per month whilst BlueHost will charge you $5.95 per month. GoDaddy will charge about $12.00 and GreenGeeks $6.95.
8.      Provide them with your details.
9.      Start blogging. Read this article I wrote about blogging. 

If you want to learn how to create a blog using BlueHost visit this article I wrote.

 It is as easy as that. WordPress and all the above mentioned web hosting sites all have good customer and technical services. You can contact them through email, phone or chats if you have a question.

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