Monday, June 8, 2015

Use Stumble Upon to Drive Traffic to your Website

Stumble Upon is one of the best traffic generators among the top social media sites. Stumble Upon has over 20 million users worldwide.
When a user likes, or stumbles, a page, it is placed onto the Stumble Upon line up. As other Stumble Upon readers start searching for content on a certain topic using buttons on SU toolbar, pages in the lineup for that searched for topic will be displayed.

1.      First you have to have great content.
         In your content make sure you include images, videos, tutorials, and info graphics as well as for you to attract traffic.
2.      Sign up for SU, log on your account. You can link your SU account with FaceBook.
3.      Enter a URL to shorten with the system.
4.      SU has brand channels, lists and a "Stumble Upon DNA" that makes the site more social and customizable.
5.      Stumble new pages by clicking the dark orange "Stumble" button.
6.      Like a page by hitting the “thumbs up” button.
7.      Add a page to one of your lists by selecting the “plus” sign.
8.      Dislike a page with the thumbs down.
9.      Add Stumble Upon badge to your website content
10. Used “paid discovery” to buy traffic if you want.


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