Friday, July 31, 2015

7 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog Using Google+

Social Media is the buzz in the digital world. Among several sites Google+ is one of the best social media websites that will generate traffic to your website or blog. Go to this page if you want to learn how to open a G+ page.

There are more than 2 billion users of G+.Google provides marketers and bloggers a huge chance to interact with their viewers through other channels such as YouTube, AdWords, Feedburner, Blogger etc thus bringing in more traffic. For this traffic to be generated to your blog or site, this is what you have to do;

1. #Include eye catching headlines 

Always include eye catching headlines on every post as it will be displayed in Google search results. The eye catching headlines will attract readers, make them to get engaged and come back to your blog. You can make your posts text bold, italic, highlights or even use bullets to do so. Make sure you do keyword research first.

2. #Join Google+ communities


Join Google plus communities of your blog or website niche.Make sure you join the communities with thousands of
members for exposure. Post or share your content on them.
Some members will most likely share your posts if you have
great and interesting content. Also interact with other members.
They will trust you and share your content. Remember never to
spam as they may block you.

3. #Use images and videos

Use images and videos because most readers are visual. They tend to prefer content with visuals more. Doing this will increase engagement as images and videos are very effective. YouTube, a product of Google is the most visited video website in the world. Billions of people watch YouTube videos daily. Always share links to your post using images and or videos and enjoy watching your traffic grow. 

4. #Add your URL link in the text or video or image


Don't forget to include your blog or website link to the URL in the text or video or image that you will be sharing. It makes it easier for your readers to click and visit your site. Share your video/image/text across all social media platforms. 

5. #Use targeted sharing


I was one of the people who thought that when they post their content on "public”, it meant more exposure thus more traffic for them. But experts suggest that you should do "targeted" sharing, at the same time making sure that you click "send emails to your cycles" as well.

6. #Use #hashtags

Use #hashtags at the end or in the body of each post for more traffic. Google by default adds #hashtags to articles with enough text to put in order content topic.

7. #Embed Google+ comments

Embed Google+ comments on your website so that when visitors leave a comment, they will also share your post to their Google+ followers. The below diagram is for blogger platform users only. Other platforms such as WordPress do have their own plugins available.


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