Monday, December 15, 2014

How to Find Profitable Keywords for your Blog

If you want to find profitable keywords for your new blog you have to start with a seed keyword. For example your key word could be “makeup” if you have a make up and beauty website.

  •  Google> > Make up> Search.
  •   Type “Make up” on Google home page search box.
  • Choose about 15 keywords that are similar to “make up”  and  jot down whatever word you feel is relevant.

1.    Using Google Keyword Tool

You can use Google’s keyword tool. It is free and easy to use. Google keyword tool is good especially for newbies brand new website, with little or no traffic.

·           Google> Google Keyword Tool>Enter one keyword or phrase per line>Make up>Get keyword ideas.
·          The results will show you the “Keywords” and “Global monthly volume”

2.    Using Samurai

Market Samurai can help you identify the right keywords to appear on Google’s first page. They look for keywords for you as well as help you identify monetizing options etc. Samurai is compatible for both Windows and OS X and costs about $200 .samurai often do have discounts and trials.

3. Using Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research tool that makes finding long tail keywords very easy. Long tail keywords are longer words  that people type into the search engines instead of just one keyword. For example, you can type in “How to Apply Make up” instead of “Make up” Long Tail Pro will generate thousands of those key words for you. First you will have to buy the software in order to start.

What Does a Search Engine Evaluator do?

What is a Search Engine Evaluator?

·         Search engines are run by algorithms.
·         Search engines are used by people.
·         Web companies use Search Engine Evaluators to search results.

What does a Search Engine Evaluator do?

Search Engine Evaluator position is also known as search evaluator, Internet assessor, ads quality rater or Internet judge. Google calls the Search Engine Evaluator “Ads Quality Rater." All Search Engine Evaluators work as independent contractor. Search Engine Evaluators provide feedback on search engine results by measuring and comparing the relevance and usefulness of web.
Search Engine Evaluator Companies/Websites

1.    Leapforce

Leapforce is just like Lionbridge and Appen Butler Hill. They hire independent contractors as researchers all over the world to perform the tasks at home. If the post is for bilingual workers, it usually is a quality control position and you will be expected to pass a language test. You are expected to have an experience on internet research as well for all the positions.

Applicants must pass an exam on search engine evaluation. And you will be given the documents for the test before you take the test. “Map Quality Analysts”, improve and evaluate Internet based on mapping data. They are expected to use the local geography and analytical research skills. They pay between $14 and $18 by check or direct deposit every month. You will be required to work 10 to 20 hours a week. You will beneeded to have your own computer and access to internet.

2.    Lionbridge

Just like Appen Butler and Leapforce, Lionbridge offers Search Engine Evaluator positions. This post does not require a college or University degree.You will be expected to work 10 to 20 hours a week as an independent contractor. Lionbridge pays between $13 to $15 per hour once a month through wire transfers to your bank. You must pass a two parts exam which may last for several hours. Lionbridge will give you reading and studying guidelines and notes.

3.    Appen Butler Hill

Appen Butler Hill hires engine evaluators as well. They pay better than other search engine jobs companies; $25 an hour. Appen Butler Hill will not allow you to work for Leapforce, Lionbridge or any other similar companies.  They pay by weekly with a check.

Apen Butler expects you as a Search Engine Evaluator to work up to 5 hours per day Monday through Friday. You must complete a qualification test and exams. The process may be between 20-40 hours and will last for over a week or even 3.Training is free, but you will not be paid for it. Translation posts require a college degree but as for other posts you do not need one. All will require some kind of test of your language abilities.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Websites to Consider

1.    HubPages

HubPages is an online platform for aspiring and passionate writers all over the world. HubPages is very similar to Squidoo. HubPages is one of the good AdSense sharing revenue websites. You can write about almost any topic of interest. All you have to do is to deliver detailed, unique and quality content. The longer the article and many words you write the better. Make sure you have a lot of good, useful and unique information that would interest your readers so that they always have a reason to come back.

Once you have written your hubs you will notice that your articles start to earn a couple of cents each, in your member account earnings area. The residual income will keep earning and increasing money from your hubs as time goes by. Payment is done through PayPal once a month when your earnings reach $50.

The HubPages earning program requires one to provide their tax information and have a PayPal account as well as AdSense account. PayPal is a paying system website which has turned to be popular as it is very secure. People choose it over credit or debit cards if they do not want to give their information online. 
When accepted by AdSense, you will be provided with an AdSense ID so as to link it to your hubs. HubPages will include your ID onto your hub and another will be included onto your ads. You are allowed to display 3 ad units and 2 link units in each hub.

2. is a well reputable online advertising network and has more than 300 000 publishers around the world. Chikita isone of the good AdSense revenue  sharing website. They accept writers from all over the world. You can use Chikitain conjunction with Google AdSense. Create an account at and AdSense and start writing as soon as you get accepted and then start earning money online by advertising CPC ads on  Just like Google AdSense, you put the code on your web pages and it will display targeted ads to your visitors.
3.    Squidoo  is a very popular online platform for writers all over the world who has something to share with readers.  You can compare it to HubPages.You can Use Squidoo platform to create a lens on any topic you’d like. Squidoo is one of the good AdSense revenue  sharing website.

Squidoo allows you to create as many lenses as want at any length as you please. You can even bring traffic to your website or blog through Squidoo as it has a built in tools for search engine optimization. These SEO tools are really easy to use and will help you to rank higher on search engines for your topic. You will make money if you monetize through Google AdSense Program, Amazon and EBay Affiliate Programs and referrals. You do not necessarily have to own a blog or website to start making money.

 Squidoo pays by revenue share. You will have to create an account as well as have an AdSense account. After creating a lens, Google AdSense will place ads on your lens and if readers click on your lens, you will earn 50 % of the money. Squidoo is known to have a 3 tier system that they use. If your lens fall under tier 1000 to 2000 lenses, your payment will be between $50 to $100 per month.

If it is under tier 2 which is between 2000 and 8000 lenses, you will be paid between $10 and $30 per month and if it falls under tier 3 which will be over 8000 lenses, your pay will be less, maybe $0.50 or so. Squidoo is one of the websites that do not provide upfront payment but will pay as the money accumulates.

4.    Xomba

Xomba is an online platform whereby you can write articles, blog, and social bookmark and make money at the same time.Xomba is one of Google AdSense revenue websites.  You will need to sign up for both Xomba and Google AdSense accounts. You will make money through Google ads that will be automatically placed on your site. You will make money when someone clicks on the Google AdSense ads. Xomba will share a 50/50 profit with you.

5. is one of the best 100% Google AdSense revenue sharing website. Make money by writing and sharing videos or photos. First you have to register for free. Just fill up the form, verify your email address and you are ready to start earning. By the way, you will need to have a Google AdSense account as well to start earning. Flixya will automatically place ads on your blog or website pages with lots of content and you will earn money with Google AdSense.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to Increase Traffic to your Blog

It is not easy to get traffic to a blog or website, especially a new one. It is frustrating more especially when you are broke and ready to start monetizing and earning. Below are a few free ways to learn how to build and increase traffic to your blog or website.

1.      Content is always king

Like they say- Content is King. It is the honest truth. Most monetizing websites such as Google AdSense will not accept you unless you have lots of content. If you don’t have content, readers will not come back to your site or blog to click on your ads.  Make sure you give out all that you know. Offer free, original, unique, useful and helpful content to your readers so that they will return and never even think of going somewhere else for information that is more quality than yours. Don’t leave anything out nor hold back anything, let the content be informative because you will have lots of competition.  Teach your visitors so that they have a reason for coming back to your blog or website thus you will have high earning potential.  By the way make sure that  it’s your own content, not copied and pasted from other websites.

2.      Use Google Ad Words and Market samurai  keyword Tool for your SEO

These tools are very powerful and utterly useful in helping you find great keywords (SEO) to use on your blog or website. Then you can use these (SEO) - that is keywords that make your website rank high on Google by putting them on your article headings, body and Meta Tags.

3.      High Paying Niche.

Some people will tell you to make sure you research first about the most popular niches because some niches pay more than others. I say stick to a topic niche of what you love and know best because you will never get bored, or get stuck on what to tell your readers. I know it makes a lot of sense because you can earn better. For example, the ads on a site that is about “making money” will pay more than a site for “softball games”.

4.      Submit a sitemap.xtm file to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines so that your website shows up in their search engines.

5.      Enhance your website or blog with adding short simple to follow videos and attractive pictures that are relevant to your content or what you are writing about. This will definitely improve your traffic as some people prefer and enjoy listening and watching videos as well as pictures much better than reading.

6.    Get back links on your website.

Always get back links and comment on other blogs. Make sure that you leave your link on their threads all the time.

7. Back link 

    Make sure you back link and exchange links with other websites.

8.    Social Media.

Use social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pintrest, instagram and Twitter. Follow and share content with others. The social media will help to promote and market your blog or website. Make sure that you follow others so that you have followers as well.

9.      Use E-zines, email marketing and participate on forums and discussion boards of similar topic to yours. You can even start discussions yourself. Use big search engines such as Google, Bing, MSN and Yahoo.

10. Word Of Mouth.

Word of mouth is one powerful tool for promoting your blog or website thus bringing traffic along.

11. Freebies.

 Give out free bies such as eBooks, attractive fliers, software such as DVDs, CDs as well as free downloads.

12. Social Network.

 Make sure you promote your sites through social media-Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pintrest etc.

In conclusion, promoting your website will bring heavy traffic to your blog or website thus making it possible for you to monetize and make money. Traffic plays a major role in making money with big monetizing websites such as Google AdSense, Squiidoo, Chikita etc. The heavier traffic in your blog or site, the more clicks you will get, and the money you will earn. .

What is Affiliate Marketing?5 Reliable Affiliate websites!!!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you sell a product through your website or blog for a company and earning a certain commission as you do that.Below is a few of the most reliable and good affiliate website that you can check out.

1.    Amazon Associates Program

Monetize your website with Amazon Associates Affiliate program. You have to have an Amazon account and once accepted you will be asked to create 3 kinds of affiliate links form their Associate login area namely product, banners and stripe links and link to your website. You will be given a code to paste to your blog or site and when somebody clicks on your link they will be taken to that Amazon product through your website or blog. If the product sells, you will be paid a certain percentage of the price is not much but it accumulates. Amazon is very reliable.

2.      Ebay Partner Network Affiliate Program

With Ebay, you have to create a store for the products to be bid on and sold at Ebay Partner Network. Make sure the online store you create is based on 1 product niche. Once you have your EPN account, get your Campaign ID number and you are ready to roll. You will earn between 50% and 75% commission of their revenue on winning bids as well as by “buy it now” transactions. EBay also pays you between $25.00 and $35.00 for each new user that registers through your site, as well as affiliates performance rewards.

3. is an online retail service provider with many digital product vendors and huge amount of affiliates. It is a major affiliate network market website. Everyone all over the world can sign up for free and start promoting products.  has a marketplace for choosing products you want to promote. You will be availed with affiliate link which when a customer clicks on you get paid. ClickBank also pays you commission of over 50% of the product.  


Just like all affiliate programs, Commission Junction allows you to promote or sell other people’s products on your blog or website. CJ has a lot of selection and is flexible and international. CJ has access to useful reports and statistics that allow you to track your progress and success.
Sign up for free by completing an application at . Once your account has been approved, you can begin searching for affiliate programs that offer products relevant to your website.  Complete a separate application for each specific program and many more. Once you’ve been approved by different programs, you can begin adding links to your website. Make sure that you choose a product that is in line with your blog or website.


It is one of the largest affiliate networks launched in 1996. It is reliable,free and easy to sign up. Linkshare accepts international affiliates. LinkShare offers so many affiliate programs and helps connect merchants with online affiliates who then sell products through their own websites in order to earn a commission. After being accepted you will then be asked to select items you want and place links on your website. Every time someone follows one of these links and makes a purchase, you earn a commission on the total amount of the sale. Consider selecting products that will appeal to your target audience and directly to and is your niche.

 I will be back with more of the affiliates websites soon. Good luck!!