Saturday, September 10, 2016

8 Simple Steps: How to Sign up for a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest is a very popular social network for sharing and arranging in order photos or pictures. You find and then save stuff such as recipes,art work,make up tutorials, style inspiration,wedding themes, fashion etc. Just like other popular social media networks; Twitter, Facebook,Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn etc, Pinterest is very easy to sign up as well as free to join.

The first thing you should do is navigate to Pinterest home page, There you will be given 2 sign up choices or options.
1.The first option will be signing up with your Facebook account.
2. The second option will be signing up with your email address.

If you choose signing up with your email, 
will ask you to confirm the address by going to your email inbox and clicking on the confirmation link they have sent you. Notice that when you are done signing up, Pinterest will make your username as part of the web address. For example; my user name looks like the link below;

#1. Choose a Username

Choose a different or unique username which people can remember easily. You are allowed to change it later on if by any chance you have second thoughts about it.

Business Account

If you are a business or company you can sign up for a special “business” account. It is free as well. The Pinterest business account is not too different from the personal account. A few added features such as buttons, widgets etc are advantageous.

#2. Sign up for a Business Account

Sign up on the below link for Pinterest business account;  if you want to create an account for your business or company.

#3. Create Your Profile

It is a wise idea to use the same username and profile picture for all your social accounts such as Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google plus etc if at all you have more. If you do that it will make it easier for anyone who will follow to know it’s you.

#4.You will be asked to "like" 3 topics in order for Pinterest to build a custom home feed for you.

#5. Install the Pin It Button

After that Pinterest will ask you to choose your Pinterest "save button" for your browser.This usually varies according to the browser you will be using.

Congratulations you are done with creating your Pinterest Business page. Below is the final step;

#6. Settings

After your account is active, go to your e-mail settings and turn notifications on. Pinterest will send you notifications when someone pins,follows or likes your pins,or even repins from your boards.

 #7.  Add a Pin

A pin is more like a book mark but visual or in images. A pin will take you straight to the website  of whatever image you will be pinning. As you pin an image, you will be saving it for later.

To add a pin to your boards, click on either the "Pin It" button in the website you're reading. A screen will pop up asking you to select the image you want. After selecting the image (pin) save it to a new board and name it.

#8. Creating a New Board

A board is where you save your pins (images) for later. To create a new board on your account, click your “profile button” at the top of Pinterest >click”create a board” box > choose a name to your board and category. You can choose to make it public or private.

Now you can start following people of the same interest with you. Enjoy!