Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My top 10 Google AdSense Alternatives

  1.    Ebay.com Partner Network Affiliate program.

With Ebay, you have to create a store for the products to be bid on and sold at Ebay Partner Network. Make sure the online store you create is based on 1 product niche. Once you have your EPN account, get your Campaign ID number and you are ready to roll. You will earn between 50% and 75% commission of their revenue on winning bids as well as by “buy it now” transactions. EBay also pays you between $25.00 and $35.00 for each new user that registers through your site, as well as affiliates performance rewards. All you have to do is build a lot of hubs and great content and watch them gain traffic whilst you earn money.

2.   Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is one of the alternative websites if you were not accepted by Google AdSense. You as a web master or blog owner can monetize with Amazon Affiliate program. It is free and easy to sign up. After creating an Amazon account and been accepted, you will be asked to create 3 kinds of affiliate links form their Associate login area. Those links are product, banners and stripe links. After choosing whatever link you prefer, you will have to link them to your website or blog. A special code will be given to you so as to paste to your blog or website. When somebody clicks on your link they will be taken to that Amazon product through your website or blog. If the product sells, you will be paid a certain percentage of the price money.

3.    Hubpages.com

www.HubPages.com has a great reputation and is one of the good Google AdSense alternatives. HubPages is similar to Squiidoo and they hire writers from all over the world.  After Creating a HubPages account for free, you can start earning money right away through clicks on Google AdSense Ads, by being an Amazon and EBay Affiliate as well as through referrals. You can start selling and promoting Amazon products on your HubPages and earn passive money. Passive earning means the money you get paid through clicks add up as time goes on.  You will be provided with a link ID for you to start earning money. The money is not much but it accumulates with time every time a buyer clicks on your links. With EBay, you will have to do similar thing as well. All you have to do is build a lot of hubs and great content and watch them gain traffic whilst you earn money. Make sure you advertise your hubs so as to gain followers and traffic and remember that the best way is to provide very useful and great quality content.

4.    Chikita.com

 www.Chikita.com is a well reputable online advertising network and has more than 300 000 publishers around the world. They accept writers from all over the world,one of the great things about Chikita. You can use www.Chikita.com in conjunction with Google AdSense. Create an account at Chikita and AdSense and start writing as soon as you get accepted and then start earning money online by advertising CPC ads on  your website or blog.

5.    Zujava.com

Zujava.com is similar to Squiidoo. They call their page or lens a leaf. The ads   will automatically appear on every leaf that you create. Zujava pays through ranking system which is based on traffic, likes etc as well as the Amazon affiliates program and Google AdSense. The affiliate’s revenue share is about 50%.  Zujava pays you from 60 days or more from when the money was earned. Zujava also has a referral program whereby you will get paid 25% of the amount of the content writers you recruit earn. 

6.    ClickBank.com

www.Clickbank.com  is an online retail service provider with a vast number of digital product vendors and huge amount of affiliates everywhere.  Click Bank a major affiliate network market website as well. Everyone all over the world can sign up for free and start promoting whatever products they like. Their website is very user friendly. Click Bank has a marketplace for choosing products you want to promote. You will be given a special link which when a customer clicks on, you will get paid. Click Bank also pays you commission of over 50% of the product. CB payment is bi weekly by check or direct deposit.

7.    Infolinks.com

Infolinks is a CPM and CPC advertising platform where bloggers and website owners may monetize.  They accept publishers all around the world. It is similar to Clicksor. They don’t really care much about high traffic blogs and websites. Infolinks is one of the best AdSense alternatives and complement. They pay monthly the minimum of $50 through PayPal, Western Union, Wire Transfer and Echeck. Create an account with Infolinks and you will be directed to the publisher’s center. There you can be able to access information about your status, ads, payout etc. in less than 48 hours later you will be approved then provided with the ad code to copy paste in your website or blog thus automatically displaying them in your website.  Just like many CPC websites, Infolinks also has a referral program whereby they will pay you for each sign up from between $25 to $1000 depending on your website impressions per day.

8.    Clicksor.com

Clicksor is an affiliate network that does contextual marketing on the web. It looks for the keywords in your website or blog and places the ads related to those keywords.  Every time a person clicks on the ads on your blog or website you earn. Clicksor is one of the good Google AdSense alternatives. You will then be credited with 85% of the ad income. Make sure you promote your website to bring traffic in order to earn. You will be paid a minimum of $50 every 2 weeks through PayPal. They have a referral program that pays 10% commission of the daily earnings of both publishers and advertisers. 

10. Bubblews.com

 Bubblews.com is the site that pays per view, like and comments just like FaceBook. You are allowed to back link so as to get traffic as long as you make sure that you don’t spam your friends. Signing up is easy. You will be asked to create an email and fill up a simple form and then you are in a few. Bubblews pays a minimum of $50 through PayPal every month. Try it, the money accumulates.

11.      Squiidoo.com

 Squiidoo.com is a writing website comparable to HubPages. You can write about whatever topic you desire to write about and choose the length of the article or a lens as they call it.  You do not necessarily have to own a blog or website. Squiidoo is one of the websites that do not provide upfront payment but pay by revenue share. You will have to create an account as well as have an AdSense account. After creating a lens, Google AdSense will place ads on your lens and if readers click on your lens, you will earn 50 % of the money. Just like HubPages, Squiidoo has other Ad programs such as Amazon and EBay affiliate and other Ad programs as well as referrals. Squiidoo is known to have a 3 tier system that they use. If your lens fall under tier 1000 to 2000 lenses, your payment will be between $50 to $100 per month. If it is under tier 2 which is between 2000 and 8000 lenses, you will be paid between $10 and $30 per month and if it falls under tier 3 which will be over 8000 lenses, your pay will be less, maybe $0.50 or so. If you want to be charitable and donate to charity, Squiidoo is the right place to be.

Friday, August 8, 2014

How to Create a Website or Blog: Step by Step Tutorial

Creating a website or blog is not only for the Graphic Designers, Website Designers or the computer literate. It is really easy. The more you practice the more you learn. Here is step by step guide on creating your own blog or website even if you are not technical.

Domain Name

Domain name is the name and the address to your website, also called URL (www.yourwebsite.com).Your website name should sound unique and understandable, whether it is a personal, business site or a blog.

Web Hosting

For your website to be seen on the web, it should be hosted on the internet. Your web host allows you to store your website contents on their archives/servers. You should choose a hosting service after you are done choosing your domain name and registering it. In a few minutes I will list several webhosts and their prices so you can be able to choose. I use and recommend BlueHost web hosting on my Beauty and Make up blog.

What to Consider when Looking for a Web Hosting Company

·         The site builder should come with an automatic                installer (WordPress)so you do not need to install              the software by yourself.
·         Good customer service and reliability.
·         The number of templates included.
·         The disk space provided.

There are so many web host companies that it is possible for you as a newbie to choose from. Most of them offer similar services but for different price range. I will talk about a couple of the ones that I recommend in a bit starting with BlueHost as it is the best, powerful and popular web host service I know of.

1.    Hosting with BlueHost

Like I mentioned before, one does not have to be a geek, Graphic or Website Designer, be technical or computer literate to create a professional looking website. Nowadays we have CMS platform called WordPress to be grateful for. You don’t need to know stuff like HTML etc. 

WordPress makes it for you. They have automatic software which with only 1 click you are all set. All you need is to customize it according to your needs and preference once you get the hang of WordPress. If you choose WordPress.org then you can register with BlueHost as it  already has built in WordPress installers. Setting up your WordPress will not even take you more than 5 minutes. Read this article I wrote about creating a a profitable  Beauty and Make up blog or website using BlueHost web hosting.

Register a Domain Name

It is important that your Domain Name should be very relevant with your website content. Make certain that your Domain Name is easy to remember and simple to read. I f you can, please keep it as short as possible. A .com is better than a .net, .org, etc. as it is very popular. Everyone who surfs the net for a particular website will automatically think of a .com instead of a .net or .org. For example, if you are going to build a cooking website or blog, you could pick a domain name like this: “howtocook.com”, BlueHost.com can host your blog and register your site.

2.    Hosting with GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy.com is the largest domain registrar. They cost about from $6.99 per month up to $12.99 per year. You have a choice of paying monthly but it is cheaper if you can pay yearly. GoDaddy.com always has massive specials. Go Daddy package plan for starters is called economy and costs about $6.99 per month. It is mainly for small business websites as the storage space is limited. If you want to upgrade to the deluxe package is the way to go. GoDaddy is great for small to medium businesses.

How to Create a Website or Blog with GoDaddy Web Hosting

·         Sign up for www.GoDaddy.com account.
·         Log on to your WordPress and go to dashboard.             ( http://www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/)
·         Click on “Posts” then “Add New” in the sidebar.
·         Create a “title” you want to write or blog about.
·         Create “content” or body of your article.
·         Hit the “Publish” button if you are ready to publish            for the whole world to view your blog.
·         The same should be done when you want to                    create a “page”. You can even hit the “save”                  button if you want to keep on creating more                    content and then later on hit the “publish” button            to publish your blog or website for viewing.
·         Create the “About” page to let visitors know what            your site or blog is all about. This is very important              as well.
·         Create the “Contact” page to let your visitors                  have somewhere to communicate with you.

3.    Hosting  your Blog  or Website with             HostGator Web Hosting

www.HostGator.com  is one of the best and biggest of several web hosting companies and my second personal favorite. HostGator has a good reputation, is reliable and affordable. They have good customer service and unlimited disk space. Setting up an account is free with HostGator. HostGator has various packages that start from as little as $4.95 per month to $12.95 per year. 

Bear in mind that coupons are always available.
 HostGator web hosting has packages such as the hatchling plan which is good if you are starting out and only need a single domain. So as a newbie I would advise you to use this plan. The hatching plan costs $4.95 per month. The baby plan is suitable for you if you intend on having more than 1 domain. The baby plan costs about $7.95 per month and is good if you want a bigger business in future. My advice to you is to choose plans that are of 2 or 3 years. They are much cheaper.

How to Register Domain Name in HostGator

·    Sign up for www.HostGator.com  account.
·    Visit www.HostGator.com to register domain name         using credit card or PayPal. Your choice.
·    Provide your payment information. It is safe and               secure.

·   To register through PayPal, sign up for free for a                 PayPal account. 

  • Provide your details and you are all set. PayPal is a good way of making payments when you don’t want to disclose your credit card information. It is very secure and easy to do.
  • Since you now own a website name and have a host company, you can connect them together. 
  • You are a few steps away from your website to be published and viewed upon by the world. HostGator is a WordPress hosting website.
  • HostGator comes packaged with default themes that are very good especially for newbies blogs.
  •  If you can please stick to the default themes until you feel you are more experienced.
  •  Now let’s learn how to create yourvery first WP blog or website.

How to Create your first WordPress Website or Blog

       ·         Log on to your WordPress and go to dashboard.           ( http://www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/).
       ·         Click on “Posts” then “Add New” in the sidebar.
       ·         Create a “title” you want to write or blog about.
       ·         Create “content” or body of your article.

  • Hit the “Publish” button if you are ready to publish for the whole world to view your blog.
  • The same should be done when you want to create a “page”. You can even hit the “save” button if you want to keep on creating more content and then later on hit the “publish” button to publish your blog or website for viewing.
  • Create the “About” page to let visitors know what your site or blog is all about. This is very important as well.
  • Create the “Contact” page to let your visitors have somewhere to communicate with you.

4.    Hosting your Blog or Website with               GreenGeeks Web Hosting

GreenGeeks.com is one of the good web hosting sites to both register your website and host domain name. They are American company and have great customer and support service. They have a fair charge.

Register with GreenGeek

·         Sign up for www.GreenGeeks.com.

·         Enter the domain name that you have chosen.
·         If you don’t already have one then go to the                   upper left corner and click your desired name.If               the name you have chosen doesn’t exist or has               been taken, an “error” message will pop up. Keep           on choosing names until you find an available                 domain name that you desire.

         The good thing to do is choose a plan which                     is over 12 months as you will save money, and also           get a  domain name for free.
·        After choosing your plan and finished filling up the           form, click on the “Create My Account” button at           the very bottom.

·       Wait for the email confirmation with your login                  details.

Creating your Website or Blog using WordPress through GreenGeeks Host

GreenGeeks.com will email you a welcome email that contains login link that you will have to click on after entering your email address and password.

·         Click on a blue smiley face called “Fantastico” to            install WordPress and follow the steps.
·         Select your domain in the drop down menu if you           don’t have one already and fill in your details.
·        After several minutes, access your website by                   typing in your” domain name” then  /wp-admin.             ( http://www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/ )
·         Now go to the dashboard and start blogging.
·         Create the “title” you want to talk about.
·         Create the “content” or body of your article.
·         Create “posts”, and “pages”. 

As you begin to have experience play with them and add media, comments, pictures etc.

You are now done! See how easy it was. Congratulations on owning a professional looking website that you did on your own. Remember practice makes perfect. Good luck with your website and business. Read this article I wrote about creating a profitable Beauty and Make  up Blog.

How to Create a Website or Blog using Blogger

What is a Blogger?

A blogger is someone who keeps an electronic diary or journal sort of thing and writes their daily experience or thoughts. www.tentblogger.com defines a blogger as a personal diary .A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking news outlet. A collective of links. Your own personal thoughts.

 You can choose to have your own blog or be a guest blogger to other people’s blogs. As a blogger you can even teach or tell people of a service or give out advice that you have. Then you can make money through programs such as Google AdSense, Amazon Associates,Chikita, Elance.com,HubPages.com or even sell your products through EBay.com or Amazon.com as affiliates . Some people blog just because they have information to share and some because they truly love writing. They don’t care to make money out of blogging. Now, time to talk about blogging using a platform called blogger.com.

How to  Create a blog or Website Using Blogger.com Platform

 www.Blogger.com  is an online service that bloggers or website owners use to publish web blogs and websites. It is owned and powered by Google and  is one of the most popular blogging services on the internet. Blogger is free to use and signing up is as east as 1,2,3. It is one of the first webhosting sites that I used with my beauty blog(www.beautyTrendsMakeupTrends.blogspot.com).
With blogger.com, one can keep it as simple as they like or customize their theme. One of the down falls of Blogger is that it has limited space storage but most people upgrade or move to webhosting sites such as Wordpress.org, HostGator.com, BlueHost.com, GoDaddy.com and GreenGeek.com when their businesses expand. Below is a short tutorial for new bloggers who are willing to use Blogger.com as their hosting platform.


1.      Visit www.blogger.com  on Google web browser or any browser of your choice.
2.      If you do not have a Google or Gmail account please sign up here www.Google.com.
3.      Choose your blog name and check availability.
4.      Enter word verification and click “continue”.
5.      Choose a basic design starter template and start blogging.

Now it is time to learn how to create a new post for your blog or website below. In a few minutes your website or blog will be up and running as well as looking all professional.

How to Create a New Post  

1.      Click a button labeled “New Post” on your left.
2.      Choose and write your topic.
3.      Write your body or content.
4.      Hit “Publish” button when you are done. If you wish, you can save your content and publish later.
5.      If you are a newbie I will advise you to stick to the simple template. You can customize your blog with Blogger even though it is not that flexible.
6.      If you want a more customized blog then go to your left hand and click, “Settings” button  to add and adjust as you wish features such as “publishing comments” and  adding new authors”  “permissions”.

I would recommend blogger only to people who are new to blogging or who are learners. If you are serious about making money through blogging you should definitely move to self hosting websites such as BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy etc.Read one of my articles I wrote about How tocreate a profitable blog using BlueHost platform. 

How to Make Money through Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a major way of making money online when you have a blog or website. Google AdSense is legit and pays well. Google AdSense is not a get rich quick scheme. A lot of people earn great deal of money monetizing with Google AdSense. Of course it is not that easy, you will have to work hard to earn money as well as building a website or blog with lots of content. After creating quality content, you will have to promote your blog or website so as to attract lots of traffic. Your blog should have the right keyword choice as well so as to make it worthwhile. If you want to make money online through monetizing with Google AdSense, first you have to create a website or blog. You will have to own a Google or Gmail account. Then sign up with AdSense in order to be provided with their code for you to start earning that money.

How Does Google AdSense Work?

·         Google AdSense Ad Words Pay per view

Google.com allows interested websites or blog owners to participate on the Google AdSense program by allowing Google to display ads on their sites. This is how bloggers and website owners will earn most of their revenue. This is called Ad Words- Pay per click marketing. These ads are usually displayed on the right side of your blog or site and next to the free results of Google.com. Google AdSense is an Ad network. Google will read the article that a blogger or website owner wrote and finds suitable and relevant ads to it and display them next to that particular article. The advertisers are paying Google an amount of money for these ads per click. The revenue that Google earns from these ads will be used to pay you as the blogger. If you place the ads on your site and then someone clicks on them, Google will pay you the revenue they earn from ads which supposedly is about 68%. Google gets the rest of the percentage.

·          Google AdSense for Search

Google AdSense will put a search box on your blog or website and as a visitor puts a term or word on that search box and a results page opens there will be pay per view clicks done. The more pages opened, the more pay per clicks will be done and chances of payment for the blogger or web master.

·         Google Referrals

Refer your visitors to use any Google product such as Google AdSense, Ad Words etc and get paid. Just like Google AdSense for Content and AdSense for Search, Google will provide you with the code that you will have to paste into the particular location on your web or blog page. For an example, if someone goes to your site and then makes a click on the link and then signs up for an AdSense account, when that person earns a $300 from Google AdSense and receives a payment from Google, you will also receive $300 for referring them.

 How Much Can You Earn Through Google AdSense?

Payment depends on per click and on how much the advertisers are paying Google for their ads. That is where your share comes from. It could be between 0.02 to $15 per click or even more. Nobody could really tell except Google. All the ads cost differently. The magic here is to find high paying niche like-“Making money” as they are highly searched for daily. Google will pay you when your amount reaches $100. If it helps, Google allows you to log on to your account and see your total per day, month and year. Just make sure you bring traffic to your site so you can get paid. Make sure you place your ads strategically and bring to your site the right audience. Traffic is the main and major thing and for you to have a heavy traffic, you need a lot of quality content and to promote your site.

How to Create Your Own Google AdSense Website or Blog

If you want to learn from scratch how to create your own AdSense website or blog click here. I have explained step by step how to build your own site.  In short you will need to get a domain name (yoursitename.com) and a web host to keep or file your archives and then start building your website. There are many web hosts which could be free or paid. If you really want to seriously get paid please avoid the free web hosts. If you click here I have written about 10 Web Hosts that are affordable. They range from $3 to $10 per month and even cheaper when you pay yearly. One can spend less than $20 per year. If you decide to use this method bear in mind that you will build your own pages which is as easy as ABC and will be in charge of how your site or blog looks. You will also be adding the AdSense code yourself when it is time to monetize. After creating your own site or blog and adding content of at least 30-40 pages then you can start marketing your site to build good traffic. Web hosts just file your archives. They do not build your pages or market your website or blog. You will be responsible for building it yourself from scratch.

Hosting Google AdSense Blog or Website with WordPress.org

1.      Open your hosting account by registering your domain name at www.HostGator.com  ($7.95 per month), www.GoDaddy.com ($6.99 per month or $12.99 per year),  www.InMotion.com ($7.99 per month) or www.BlueHost.com ($5.95 per month).
2.      Install WordPress at www.WordPress.org.
3.      Register or sign up for free for WordPress.
4.       Select auto install, follow the directions.
5.      Learn more from the detailed article on 10 free and affordable web hosting sites.
6.      At the dashboard go to( http://www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/)
7.      Click on “Posts” then “Add New” in the sidebar.
  1. Create a “title” you want to write or blog about.
  2. Create “content” or body of your article.
  3. Hit the “Publish” button if you are ready to publish your blog or website for the world to view.

 How to join Google AdSense

Gather lots of content first, about 30-40 articles. Don’t be too excited about signing up for Google AdSense before you gather lots of content. Now you will need to sign up to have a Gmail or Google account. After that you will have to create a Google AdSense account at www.GoogleAdSense.com . Google AdSense will provide you with an HTML ad code that you will have to put on your website or blog pages where you need the Ad Word to be shown. There will be a choice of ads to display: text and image ads or both image and text. You can display them anyhow, whether vertically or horizontally and customize them anyhow with colors or sizes of your preference. It is all up to you. I explained in details on how to add Google AdSense Ads on your blog or website.

If you want AdSense not to reject you make sure you provide lots of content and have traffic in your site. It takes time, energy, drive, determination and so much effort to do this but at the end you will reap the rewards. Bear in mind when creating a website or blog that you will have to choose a topic that you like, enjoy and master. You will have to have a passion for it. That way you will be able to create content and more content. You also have to learn how to advertise and market your website or blog.

How to Increase Google AdSense Earnings

1.    Avoid free hosts

 I know it is always tempting for people to use free web hosts but they seem unprofessional. If you really want to get paid you should learn to spend a bit. It will pay off at the end. At least start saving for a few months, then use a paid web host. It will eventually pay off itself as you start earning from Google AdSense and other websites. Free hosting sites have the right to take off air your site without even giving you a warning. But if you own self hosted site or blog no one will do that to you.

2.     Content is always king

Like they say- Content is King. It’s true. Google AdSense will not accept you without content. If you don’t have content, readers will not come back to your site or blog to click on your ads.  Make sure you give out all that you know. Don’t leave anything out. Teach your visitors so that they have a reason for coming back to your blog or website thus you will have high earning potential.

3.      High Paying Niche

Some people will tell you to make sure you research first about the most popular niches because some niches pay more than others. I say stick to a topic niche of what you love and know best because you will never get bored, or get stuck on what to tell your readers. I know it makes a lot of sense because you can earn better. For example, the ads on a site that is about “making money” will pay more than a site for “softball games”.

4.    Traffic

Make sure you promote and market your site so as to bring traffic. The more content the heavier the traffic and the higher the earning potential from clicks from your audience. Make sure that you give your audience something they can’t find anywhere else. Create useful, high quality, free and original content. Always get back links and comment on other blogs and leave your link on their threads. Learn how to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instangram, Google+ etc., to promote and market your blog and follow others so that you have followers as well. Use e-zines, big websites such as Google, Bing,MSN and Yahoo, start discussions, use word of mouth and offer free stuff such as eBooks. Click here to learn how to build and bring traffic to your website. I explained everything on how to bring traffic to your website in details. Make sure it’s your own content not copied and pasted from other websites.

5.    Promoting your Website

For you to make money, your blog or website must have TRAFFIC. Traffic plays a major role in making money with AdSense. The heavier traffic in your blog or site, the more clicks you will get, and the money you will earn. I promote my sites through social media-Face Book, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ etc. Also create discussion forums and give away freebies such as eBooks, newsletters and software. Use fliers, forums, free downloads and word of mouth.