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10 Good and Affordable Web Hosting Sites

Things to Consider when Looking for a Host Company

1.      Automatic installer should be provided on the package so that you do not need to install the software by yourself.
2.      The web hosting company must provide good customer service and be very reliable.
3.      Make sure they have a lot of templates included for you to have a variety of choices.
4.      Consider the disk space and speed provided as well.

Register a Domain Name

It is important that your domain name should be very relevant to your website content. Make sure your domain name is easy to remember and very simple to read. I f you can, please keep it as short as possible as well. In my own opinion- and I am certain most people will agree with me, A .com is better than a .net,.org,etc as it is really popular. For example, if you are going to build a cooking website or blog, you could pick a domain name like: “howtocook.com” or “learnhowtocook.com”.

Where to Purchase a Domain Name

There are some free webhosts websites that will need you to purchase a domain name from other domain name hosts and some that have packages that come with free domain names. Below is a few of the websites you could purchase a domain name.

1.      www.bluehost.com
2.      www.godaddy.com
3.      www.camecheap.com
4.      www.hostgator.com

10 Good and Affordable Web Hosting Sites

1.      Blogger.com (Free)
2.      WordPress.com (Free)
3.      Tumblr.com (Free)
4.      Godaddy.com
5.      Bluehost.com
6.      Hostgator.com
7.      Greengeeks.com
8.      Inmotion.com
9.      Dreamhost.com
10.    WordPress.org

1. Blogger.com

Blogger is owned and powered by Google. It is one of the first web hosting sites I used with my beauty blog (http://makeuptrendsbeautytrends.blogspot.com/). Blogger is free and very easy to use. You need to have a Google or Gmail account. If you do not have a Google account, please sign up at www.google.com. It is free and easy to sign up. With blogger, you have a choice of keeping it simple or when you are comfortable enough customize your theme. 

Blogger has limited space storage and most people upgrade or move to web hosting sites such as wordpress.org, Hostgator.com, Bluehost.com, Greengeek.com, Godaddy.com etc. when their businesses grow bigger. The only problem I noticed is that your address will be like,”yourdomainname”.blogspot.com which seems a bit unprofessional to me. Otherwise once you can afford the paid self-hosts, blogger helps you to transfer your website.

2. Wordpress.com

Www.wordpress.com is free and easy to use. Note that it is a .com not an .org. You can customize your theme. Your domain name will be “YourDomainName”.wordpress.com. Wordpress.com is good for beginners and if in future you need more space as your business grows or need a more professional looking site and or want to be flexible, you can move your website or blog to www.godaddy.com, www.bluehost.com,www.hostgator.comwww.wordpress.org  etc to start self-hosting.You will need to pay though.

3.  Wordpress.org

Www.wordpress.org is very easy to set up and use. It is self-hosted, meaning that you will need to use it with a host company such as Hostgator, Bluehost and Godaddy. First you will have to buy a domain name on websites such as, Mediatemple, Bluehost and Hostgator. Most of the host companies such as Bluehost and Hostgator have software that can easily help to install Word Press with a click of a button. This makes the process of installing Wordpress ridiculously easy. All you have to do is register or sign up at WordPress.org, then open your hosting account(Bluehost,Hostgator,Godaddy etc.), and select auto-install, follow the guidelines, and in a couple of minutes your installation will be complete and you will have all control and power over your blog.

4.  Tumblr.com

It is free and very simple to join. It is the least customizable. Tumblr’s aim is to get new bloggers and web masters up and running very quickly hense the simplicity. Some people use it as a social media platform. Tumblr just like Blogger.com and wordpress.com is good for beginners. You can register your own domain where ever you want. Your pick. (Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy etc) and Tumblr won't charge you to use it. You will be responsible for all the work as these hosts companies are self hosted and fees as they charge as well- associated with registering your domain elsewhere.

5.  Bluehost.com

Bluehost hosting is the best, cheaper, organized, easier, and reliable Wordpress hosting.With Bluehost you can instantly be set up.

  • Bluehost offers free domain name. 
  • You can have more than 1 domain on your account. 
  • Bluehost offers free website builder as well as a lot of templates.
  • It has a Wordpress install that you can click once and automatically be installed. 
  • Bluehost has monthly transfer, email accounts, 24/7 customer service, toll free telephone number, live chat, email support, ticket system, wizard for step by step guides, video tutorials to learn how to use your account, forum etc.
  • The 'basic" package start at $3.95 per month and has unlimited bandwidth.
  • The "Plus" package has unmerited bandwidth and unlimited space and costs $5.95 monthly.
  • The "Prime" packages cost $5.95 per month. has unmerited bandwidth and unlimited space and is the recommended. 
  •  It supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and the more than any secure payment method called PayPal. By the way PayPal is free and more secure. 
  • You can have your money back anytime as they have the Guarantee if you feel you want your refund. 

After switching from blogger and SBI I am now hosting my beauty and make up blog with Bluehost and I am planning on having multiple blogs.

Hostgator is one of the best web hosting sites. You can register one and or multiple domain names with Hostgator. Hostgator has various packages that start from as little as $2.95 to $5.95 per month. Coupons are always available and are so helpful. 

  • The "Hatchling" Plan is $2.95 per month which is good if you are still starting out and only need a single domain. 
  • The "Baby" Plan is suitable for you if you intend on having more than 1 domain and want to grow your business. They have unlimited disk space and costs $4.95 per month.
  •  The "Business" Plan allows unlimited domains, has a toll free VOIP number and costs about $5.95 per month. This is the recommended one and is good for high traffic eCommerce blogs.

7. Godaddy.com

Godaddy is the biggest of the web hosting industry compared to other domain registrars. They have million domain names that they host. They are reliable and competent. 

  • Their customer service is average. 
  • You can email or phone them 24 hours. They are quick to respond despite the fact that as a huge company they have a lot of customers to help. 
  • Godaddy has some of the best domain searching features available. 
  •  Godaddy’s beginner plan costs about $2.99 per month and once your business grows you will have to upgrade to the Business Plan which costs $19.99.
  • Www.godaddy.com always has massive specials.

8. Greengeeks.com

Greengeeks.com is one of the good web hosting sites to register your website and your domain name. It is Eco friendly web hosting.Greengeeks have very reasonable prices as well. 

  • Greengeeks.com has wonderful customer service, offers video tutorials, FAQs and an education center where clients can find articles and “how to” information.
  •   Greengeeks hosting plans pricing start from as little as $3.95 per month and covers unlimited disk space, bandwidth and unlimited domains. 

9.   Inmotion.com

Inmotion web hosting has a very good customer service and  is very reliable. 

  • Inmotion provides free premium web builder and free advertising and marketing credits.
  • Inmotion.com web hosting has a package plan called "Launch" which has unlimited disc space and costs about $5.99 per month. With "Launch" Plan, you are allowed to have only 2 websites in 1 account.
  •  The "Power Package" Plan has unlimited disc space, costs $7.99 per month and allows you to have 6 websites on 1 account. 
  • The "Pro Package" Plan provides unlimited disc space, costs $13.99 per month and you are allowed to have only 25 websites on 1 account.
  •  Mind you, coupons and specials are always available.
  •  Inmotion has a free automated backups.
  •  Inmotion has a 90 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service. 

10.   Dreamhost.com

Dreamhost.com is a web hosting site for domain registration. 

  • They provide shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server, and cloud hosting. Dreamhost.com is very similar to Bluehost.com but Bluehost is a little cheaper and definitely better than Dreamhost.
  •  Dreamhost plans start at $7.95 per month and support is limited via the offline methods only.
  • You are allowed to contact Dreamhost through a phone call or live chat though.


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