Saturday, July 18, 2015

Use LinkedIn to Drive Traffic to you Blog or Website

LinkedIn is professional social website. It is one of the most powerful social networks for growing visibility and traffic especially for entrepreneurs or business owners.

 I am a blogger and LinkedIn was one of the very first social networks I used. By publishing valuable and real content on LinkedIn, you will be able to increase traffic and lead conversions from LinkedIn social network. Visit this page to learn how to sign up for LinkedIn account.

#1. Grow your LinkedIn network.

Spend time each daily on growing your LinkedIn network.
Network with clients, prospects, business advocates, industry peers, industry influencers, local community etc. 
Check out the "People You May Know" section to see whom it will be appropriate for you to send an invitation to.
Connect with mutual group members.
Conduct advanced searches.
Look for “connections in common” with the LinkedIn members who come up in your search results.
Look at the connections of your 1st degree connections and send invitations to whomever you feel is conducive to send to.
Send personalized invitations to people with LinkedIn accounts.

#2. Update your profile

LinkedIn profile can be used as a referral to your blog thus increasing your traffic.
LinkedIn keep tabs of how many people viewed your profile per week. Make sure you become very active so as to make your viewers click your profile.

#3. Post a status update.

Updating your status time and again when you have great content will definitely generate  traffic to your blog or website.
Do not forget to add your links. Make them eye catching and creative and you will see how many clicks you will get.

#4. Add your blog or website link to your profile.

Make sure you add your blog or website link to your LinkedIn profile.

Make the topics to your links eye catching and very creative so that high chances of your profile viewers clicking your links may arise.

#5. Create own bio section at the end of your posts with embedded links.

If someone likes your original content, they are most likely to click the link you’ve embedded in your bio section to learn and increase traffic to your blog .

#6. Become active in LinkedIn Activities.

Make sure that you become very active as some of your updates may even show in the "Network Update" that is being sent to LinkedIn members every week.

Also do not hesitate to participate on the social network's activities.

#7. Participate in a group discussions.

Make sure that you find time to  participate in group discussions at the same time answering questions in LinkedIn Answers.
Also  post comments on the updates of your connections for connecting with your audience and earning their trust then they will always come back to your blog or social network page.

#8. Comment on someone’s status update.

Commenting on someone's status whenever is one of the good ways to gain exposure to your second- and third-degree connections while engaging in conversation.

Answer questions in LinkedIn Answers.
If your audience has a  question to ask, please always make sure you answer so as to grow visibility.

#9. "LinkedIn on  the Go" is the way to go.

"LinkedIn on the go" is the LinkedIn app used on mobile devices or smart phone.

It makes networking easier as you can use it any time and any place for your convenience thus bringing traffic to your website or blog.

#10. Post during "high traffic" periods.

Lunch times and afternoons are usually the best times to post.

#11. Take advantage of LinkedIn blog applications. 

Use LinkedIn blog applications such as WordPress to enhance your page thus it will help in traffic generation.
Do not hesitate to try the apps, you will be surprised as at how much traffic they will generate for your blog or website.

#12. Take advantage of the "share" buttons.

Using the LinkedIn Share button will  help you get your posts shared on LinkedIn by blog visitors and increase your page views.
Share buttons  turn will drive views to your profile and new traffic to your blog as well.

#13. Repurpose your status updates.


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