Friday, October 3, 2014

Can I Make Money Through Amazon?

How can I earn money through Amazon?

You now are a blog or website owner. You are thinking, it is time to monetize it and start making some money. Think affiliate program called Associate Program. Amazon is one of the trustworthy affiliate programs in the internet. It is very easy to use and really useful. Even though the income is not that much, the amount you make through customers or readers clicking on your Amazon Ads or buying will eventually accumulate. Their commission is between   4-10%. Click on this link to learn more at this link, Amazon associates Compensation .

With Amazon Associate Program, you can add links to any item of your choice. Make sure you choose your niche, the products that go along with what your blog or site is about. Link Amazon's site to your website or blog and get commission when customers/readers click the links or make a purchase. You can sell any product you want, be it electronics, make up or house hold goods. Honestly this takes time and effort but it is worth checking it out as they have been out there and very trustworthy. With this program, you don’t need to be living only in the United States of America. International bloggers may join the program as well.

Create an Amazon Associate Account 

1.      You will need to have a blog or website. If you don’t have one and would like to create one, click on this link and learn how to create a blog or website.  It is really easy and you don’t have to be a computer nerd or whiz to create your own blog or website. Decide on what topic you want your blog to be about, the choose and register your domain at one of the top and reliable hosts, HostGator, BlueHost,, Blogger etc. some are free and others charge between $6 and $10.
2.      Navigate to through one of the search engines,,, and sign up to if you are not a member yet.
3.       Log on to your Amazon account if you already have it.
4.      Amazon will ask you to fill a form whereby you will be asked to describe what your blog/website is all about and ask you what your audience is. So be prepared to answer these questions.
5.      After logging on, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Join Associates” and “Join for free”.
6.      Click “New Customer” on the login screen.
7.       Enter your name and email address and choose a password and all the needed information.
8.       Fill in your details in the application form: name, address, city, state, zip code and other information.
9.      Amazon will ask your website name and its URL and a few questions about your website.
10. Click “Finish” button of course after reading the Amazon Associates “agreement” page.
11.  Amazon will notify you that your account has been approved.
12.  After Amazon Associate approves your blog or website, you can start adding affiliate products to your website or blog immediately.

How to Create Links

·         Go to Associate Login Area.
·         Click “Links and Banners” button.

Now it is the time to start trying out and experimenting on which methods. There are 3 ways to link them. 

1.      Product Links which will link directly to the chosen product and will show some information, text and image links.
2.      Banner Links which will link to specific Amazon sections using banners.
3.      Site stripes, which will link to any page on Amazon site. It is a quick and easy way to link building.After choosing which method above to use, automatically your account will be attached to your special code. When a customer clicks on one of the Amazon products you chose, they will be directed to the same page with your affiliate code.

The main thing is to promote your website or blog so as to have heavy traffic. You can advertise through social media and other websites. Now this one is a topic for another day. Good Luck.


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