Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Squidoo vs HubPages; are they really similar?

What is HubPages?

www.HubPages.com has a great reputation and is one of the good Google AdSense alternatives. HubPages is similar to Squidoo and they hire writers from all over the world.  

How to Make Money through HubPages?

You will have to create a HubPages account for free. After that you can start earning money right away through clicks on Google AdSense Ads, being an Amazon and EBay Affiliate as well as through referrals.

Create a Google AdSense account for free and AdSense will put ads to your hubs. As your readers click on those ads, AdSense will pay you. Create Amazon and EBay accounts as well and start selling and promoting their products on your Hubs or blog and earn passive money/income. Passive earning means the money you get paid for through clicks add up as time goes by.

You will be provided with a link ID for you to start earning money. The money is not much but it accumulates with time every time a buyer clicks on your links. With EBay, you will have to do similar thing as well. All you have to do is build a lot of hubs and great content and watch them gain traffic whilst you earn money.

Make sure you advertise your hubs so as to gain followers and traffic and remember that the best way is to provide very useful and great quality content. Squidoo and HubPages are similar in many ways. Remember to promote your hubs and lenses as to bring heavy traffic before you apply for AdSense account.

What is Squidoo?
www.Squidoo.com  is a very popular online platform for writers all over the world who has something to share with readers.  You can compare it to HubPages.You can Use Squidoo platform to create a lens on any topic you’d like. Squidoo allows you to create as many lenses as want at any length as you please. You can even bring traffic to your website or blog through Squidoo as it has a built in tools for search engine optimization. These SEO tools are really easy to use and will help you to rank higher on search engines for your topic.
How to make Money through Squidoo?
You will make money if you monetize through Google AdSense Program, Amazon and EBay Affiliate Programs and referrals. You do not necessarily have to own a blog or website to start making money.

 Squidoo pays by revenue share. You will have to create an account as well as have an AdSense account. After creating a lens, Google AdSense will place ads on your lens and if readers click on your lens, you will earn 50 % of the money.

Just like HubPages, Squidoo has other Ad programs such as Amazon and EBay Affiliate and other Ad programs as well as referrals. Create both Amazon and EBay accounts and start making money immediately. Squidoo is known to have a 3 tier system that they use. If your lens fall under tier 1000 to 2000 lenses, your payment will be between $50 to $100 per month. If it is under tier 2 which is between 2000 and 8000 lenses, you will be paid between $10 and $30 per month and if it falls under tier 3 which will be over 8000 lenses, your pay will be less, maybe $0.50 or so. Squidoo is one of the websites that do not provide upfront payment but will pay as the money accumulates.

www.Squidoo.com  has this thing for charity whereby if you want or feel the need to be charitable you can donate to charity through Squidoo.You can make money through affiliate links and banner ads on Squidoo if you have a great content and have great back links. Remember content is king. Keep on making as many lenses as you can and promote them.


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