Friday, June 12, 2015

14 Simple Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog or Website using FaceBook

What is Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks that lets you sign up, create a profile,upload photos and videos,send messages to friends,colleagues and family as well as market and promote your businesses.

Driving traffic to your blog is essential and social media is a new and popular way of bringing traffic to your website or blog. Facebook makes it easier and fun too.

First of all you will need to have a Facebook account. it is free and real easy to sign up.If you don't have a Facebook account yet, go to this page and learn how to sign up for Facebook.

1.First of all add images or pictures to your Facebook updates.

Make sure that are they are very visible, pleasant and appealing thus will get your blogs more “likes”, “shares” and “comments”.

2.Put links to your blog post in your text update.

Make sure that you use a shortened link such as a and Google link shorter to keep your post text looking cleaner.

3.Updates should be short, teaser update and one sentence if possible.

Facebook updates should be under 140 characters.

4.Ask intriguing questions in your post.

Questions usually cite a response thus bringing response from fans.The questions should relate to your blog posts.

5.Give your Fans a taste of your blog post.

Include an intriguing quote from your article and your readers will “like”, “comment” and or share your update thus you will have a chance of having clicks through to your site as well.

6.Use quotes always.

Make sure those quotes will cite controversy to bring engagement on your Facebook Page, as well as getting you more clicks to your blog or website. Include the face of the author or whoever you will be interviewing.

7.Delete the link in your text before you post it.

The image and summary of your article is clickable directly to your blog article and very enough.

8.Share your lifestyle or “how to” or “DIY”, “recipe” blog article on your Facebook Page. 

Your readers will come back for more.

9.Generate traffic to your blog by publishing interactive content, like contests.

Then promote your contest by posting and sharing it on your Facebook Page. Make sure you put appealing pictures or images.

10.Every Friday, make a blog post compiling your best articles of the week. Share it on Facebook. This will likely increase weekend shopping or clicks or views.

11.Include video is possible.

By doing this,your readers will get a taste of what your article is about  visually without leaving the sit thus engaging with your post, and clicking through to your blog article. Some readers really prepare visuals that reading.

12.While it may seem counter intuitive,sharing other people’s content is actually a brilliant strategy in driving more traffic to your blog or website.

13.Put a “Facebook” icon for easy sharing and clicking.

14.Buy Facebook traffic.


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